Sunday, March 15, 2009


And it is only if our love of Christ and our following of him is part of our discovery not of being 'right', or being successful, or being relevant, or able to attract funds, or votes, or bring about democracy, or liberal values, but of being loved into being with all the others whom we might be tempted to think of as our inferiors, being assured that we are liked as we let go of the things we think make us likeable, being assured of a peace which enables us to let go of our addiction to the power of this world and the relevance to which we must cling, it is only these which will enable us, over time, to bear witness to Christ as God. Not the token messenger of a 'he' which shores us up, but the quiet depth of the 'I Am' who shakes us into life.
James Alison, Undergoing God: Dispatches from the Scene of a Break-in. New York: Continuum, 2006. 32.


ms said...

and do you have, have you ever had, an "I am" within yourself? Is that "it?"
How do you, me, any of us know when there is so much other noise and distractions and so many demands, nad not just the superficial who cares stuff but the noise, distractions and demands of those with whom we have committted their wellbeing?
Can you just rattle my brain or my sould or whatever part of me tat is so lacking that I just can't sem to stay on track or have any such realizations that rise to the level of belief and awe? I assume the stock answer is that all people are capable of faith but is that really true? I will not take your space here but ...

brtom said...

I think I've been lucky (?) enough to have felt that there is something true, real, actual at the base of "me" and among "us" ... something that calls me back to it even in the midst of the mess, noise distractions and demands of everyday stuff.

Is everybody capable of feeling/knowing this about themselves? I don't know.

Is everybody capable of cutting through the noise & distractions? I think so. But some won't know that they have the option ... or that there are ways to get there ... or that it doesn't require a great deal of time and study ... just a felt need and a little effort.

Will everybody find God there? Not necessarily. Some will just find silence, a hole, an empty spot where all that other stuff just isn't ... where self/ego isn't. And that's not a bad place to visit, either ... with or without "God."

I think ... but what do I know?

ms said...

you know more than i and i appreciate your insights, expressions of them, etc